Belts, Cords or Switches: Let’s Stop Hitting Our Kids

In a piece at, Nikki Woods, The Tom Joyner Morning Show’s senior producer, explains why she has a problem with the viral video of a father who has been indicted on charges of child endangerment and child abuse after whipping his two teenaged daughters for “twerking.” She also says it should spark a larger conversation about ending corporal punishment in the black community.

I just hope some of the conversation brings about change and not just more of the same. At some point we have to realize that everything our parents and grandparents did wasn’t right, and perhaps there are options to physical discipline.

In defense of hitting our children we are quick to paraphrase Proverbs 13:24.

Now before you demand that I turn in my “black” card, hear me out. I’m in no way advocating that children

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