I Can’t Support the Anti-Bullying Movement

Writing at Diverse Issues in Higher Education, Katherine Wheatle laments that the term “bullying” has been watered down because anyone who feels different feels free to invoke it. Proper use of the term should really focus on who has power, she argues. 

In September 2010, columnist Dan Savage started the It Gets Better Project as a testament to the suicides of two 15-year-old high school students who took their lives as a result of relentless harassment by classmates because of their gay identities. Successors to organizations like The Trevor Project and the Matthew Shepard Foundation, the It Gets Better Project and Born This Way Foundation brought greater attention to anti-gay bullying. Following the suicides of 14 more teenagers, the White House held a high-profile Conference on Bullying Prevention, and President Obama endorsed support of legislation like the Safe Schools Improvement and the Student Non-Discrimination

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