Kiera Wilmot Is Why Black Teens Should Avoid Florida

Writing at BlackAmericaWeb, Gregory Kane argues that black parents of teens should steer clear of Florida, after lawmakers allowed the arrest and expulsion of Kiera Wilmot over a science experiment. The gross miscarriage of justice represents business as usual when it comes to laws and black youth.

Wilmot, according to the story, is an honor roll student, makes straight A’s and has no prior disciplinary problems. Too bad she lives in Florida.

In a more reasonable state, school officials would have looked at what Wilmot did, looked at her grades and record of deportment and opted for a course of action other than expulsion, handcuffs, arrest and felony charges as an adult.

No one was hurt in Wilmot’s science experiment, and no damage was caused. But Wilmot – who will have to finish school in an alternative

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